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铸百年企业之魂   树百年路桥品牌







    Looking back on the past, we feel gratified and proud; looking ahead, we are full of confidence.

    The company after six years of work hard and perseveringly, in a wide range of trust and support from all walks of life, and achieved fruitful results. Our business will determine the "target based in the northwest of China, radiation throughout the country, expanding overseas" market strategy in the beginning. All employees in the company, constantly practicing the pursuit of excellence, dedication to social enterprise values, diligent, hard work ahead, and made great contributions to the development and progress of the company.

    "Vertical business 100 years, tree Luqiao brand" is our unremitting goal, is our pursuit of the dream of a lifetime. We know, finely crafted, stand on solid ground to realize "enterprise dream". Externally, we close to the market, and actively explore, internally, we pay close attention to management, optimizing configuration, with the emphasis on the integrity of the market, casting the practical action works fine, bigger and stronger enterprises, return benefit society, nine geo made "100 years of Luqiao" enterprises. We also must recognize situation, accurate market positioning, real-time grasp the opportunity, expand innovation, carry forward the spirit of advancing with the times, unremitting self-improvement. "Permanent earth, source to come", with the spiritual power so strong, believe that we can overcome all difficulties, with hard work and sweat, we dream, create our brilliant.

    Here, on behalf of the enterprise to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff in Luqiao and extend our sincere best wishes, I wish you all success, family happiness, in the nine geopolitical harvest of material and spiritual wealth, gain knowledge and happiness!

    Friends, challenges and opportunities, and climb and hope. Let us join hands and work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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